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You’ve invested in mission-critical systems but are your teams getting the most out of them? Maybe it’s because they don’t fully understand how to use those systems to their fullest advantage. Tools like Veeva CRM, Salesforce Health Cloud, digital collateral, and more are only good if they get used.

Let us help you train your team. Conexus’ Learning Services offers the best Veeva CRM training and comprehensive and intuitive training for sales, marketing, and the entire enterprise. With our extensive knowledge of the industry’s most popular platforms, our training cuts to the heart of the most challenging issues.

We have created a quick, straight-forward approach to getting your team started with our training services. Whether you select our one-of-a-kind Learning Cloud, Custom Interactive Video, or Instructor-Led Training, we’ll be able to develop a training plan that fits your needs. We aim to get our customers set up and trained as soon as possible.

Learning Cloud

Learning Cloud is a subscription training service offering expert, specialized instructional support for critical Veeva CRM functionality, with built in metrics to capture longitudinal training effectiveness. An integral part of Conexus’ Learning Services for the life sciences, Learning Cloud offers a Veeva CRM library subscription designed to meet users at their point of need. Expertly crafted videos are available for consumption at a user’s individual pace and convenience. Enriched knowledge checks and embedded interactive elements assure subscribers that both engagement and functional comprehension are continuously occurring. In addition to Veeva CRM, Learning Cloud topic options will include PDMA regulations, HIPAA compliance, and more.

In addition to sales and sales operations, brand leaders, marketing operations and analytics teams benefit from comprehensive metrics and tracking functionalities that enable close monitoring and performance evaluation of individual users or teams. These insights provide valuable data for audits, regular monitoring, and continuous improvement initiatives, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Custom Interactive Video

Our Custom Interactive Video offering aims to drive viewer interaction through a guided learning experience. This option is built using your specific system and boasts engaging, integrated viewer participation, allowing users to view training modules at their own pace. Knowledge checks and interactions are integrated throughout and provide measurement and metrics reporting.

Instructor-Led Training

Our Instructor-Led Training services can be delivered in-person or remotely, providing real-time access to the instructor for hands-on learning and feedback. Facilitated by our team of dynamic industry veterans, this is an ideal option for companies looking for face-to-face interaction and discussion. It can also be used in a hybrid approach with our video options.

Guides and Documentation

Our Guides and Documentation provide quick access to core functions and procedures. Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) punch right to the point.

We also provide more in-depth learning documentation of systems and procedures for reference at a more substantial level.

Learning Effectiveness

Learning Effectiveness leverages our deep expertise in data and analytics. We provide metrics and reporting that quickly identify areas of interest or may require additional attention following training.

Why Conexus?

Your key to improving utilization, competence, and overall efficiency.

We know Veeva, and we’re here to help. As a Veeva Premier Services Partner, we deeply understand the tools, processes, and business challenges it can address. Because of this, we’re confident we can provide the comprehensive training and support your team needs to get up and running quickly. Our practical experience configuring, implementing, and maintaining these solutions informs our approach and allows us to create training content beyond point-and-click and dive into the business rules and rationale to deepen the learning.

We understand that every individual and organization is unique. Our learning solutions are customized to meet your needs, goals, and challenges. Explore our diverse learning services and take the first step toward unlocking your full learning potential with Conexus Learning Services.


Tech, tools, and policies.


We can do it all:

  • Veeva Vault, Veeva MedComms, and Veeva CRM Training
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Health Cloud, and Service Cloud Training
  • Human Resources – Onboarding, Policies, and Procedures
  • Business Processes
  • Compliance Training – PDMA, HIPAA

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