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So many companies are using data analytics now that, as Salesforce.com notes, “businesses that fail to embrace this technology may find they’re losing to the competition.”

Analytics is certainly a common buzzword these days. Yet the reality of data analytics is a little different than the perception. According to a McKinsey survey of over 1,000 organizations, 57% don’t think they’re using analytics effectively.

But data science can create significant value, especially for sales and marketing teams. And we can help extract that value. We take data from multiple sources, apply tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, and help you make more informed, data-driven management decisions.

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Analytics That Work

Applying data science to sales and marketing organizations can produce practical results that increase revenue and profit margins. Examples include:

Sales Operations

  • Improve sales forecasting with predictive modeling
  • Identify underperforming assets and opportunities to cut costs
  • Analyze market dynamics to capitalize on shifting trends and demand
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Assess sales team compensation/incentives
  • Find cross-selling/up-selling opportunities
Marketing Optimization

  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Channel optimization
  • Message optimization
  • Optimize A/B testing of marketing content
  • Evaluate digital marketing ROI

Our Expert Services at a Glance

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Marketing Analytics

Sales Analytics

KPI Development

Different by Design

To benefit from data analytics, you may think you need to be a large organization with deep resources. But we specialize in bringing cost-effective analytics technology to small and mid-size companies.

Our data scientists are especially well versed in analytics for CRM systems, like Veeva. So you can gain deeper insights into your marketing campaigns, sales team performance, and customer behavior.

We provide a flexible analytics toolkit, supported by our global resources, to achieve the sales or marketing objectives you may have.

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