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To manage your sales team and revenue pipeline effectively—and drive growth—a customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential. CRM systems let you measure sales team productivity, track leads through the marketing funnel, and forecast revenue.

But cloud-based systems, like Salesforce.com, are complex. And errors can have a domino effect, undermining the value of the data. So a system requires an expert to configure it, train users, and provide technical support. Some organizations dedicate an internal administrator. But that can be expensive and risky—especially for small to mid-size companies. What happens when your only admin leaves for another job?

We deliver a complete, one-stop, systems management solution for cloud-based applications. We provide system implementation, integration, training, data management, and ongoing user support. So you get high-quality, cost-effective, reliable continuity for your system. And that means more productivity for your sales team, driving growth.

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Cloud Services for Today and Tomorrow

We deliver a complete, one-stop, outsourced management solution for cloud-based CRM systems. And we are Salesforce.com experts. We provide system implementation, integration, training, data management, and ongoing user support. So you get high-quality, cost-effective, reliable continuity for your CRM system. And that means more productivity for your sales team, driving growth.

Our Expert Services at a Glance

High-quality, reliable, cost-effective deployment and support.

Experts in Salesforce.com, the world’s #1 CRM system.

Conexus also implements systems such as Workday, ServiceNow, and RemedyForce.

Systems integration, including data management, sales admin, and document control.

Reporting and analytics, including dashboards, detailed reporting, and data mining.

Full-time support, including offshore resources, help desk, training, and troubleshooting.

Why Outsource Your Operations?


Deploying and maintaining a software systems is challenging. If you’re a small or mid-size company, chances are you don’t have the right resources to manage your cloud-based systems properly. And if you’re relying on a single admin, you’re at risk of losing your expert on short notice. But our experienced team will be there for you. We’ll implement and support the right software solution to fit your unique business needs. We offer both turnkey and customized solutions to streamline the control and management of your sales process.


By outsourcing your CRM management and support, you’ll get 24/7 access to expert, experienced professionals. That allows your internal sales and customer support teams to focus their time and energy on producing revenue. The bottom line? Our outsourced CRM management and support services let you run your sales operations more effectively—and profitably.


Developing internal expertise and support for a CRM system can be a hassle, particularly for small and mid-size companies. In-house CRM management can be risky, too. If you rely on one person, you’re putting “all your eggs in one basket.” But with our outsourced CRM management services, you can be sure of expert resources whenever you need them—today and tomorrow, 24/7.


Hiring, training, and retaining an internal CRM administrator can be costly and risky. Especially if you’re a smaller organization with limited resources. If your CRM admin leaves, the integrity of your sales data and process controls could easily be corrupted. Outsourcing your CRM management can save you money by giving you reliable, long-term stability and support. Our deep CRM experience ensures you’ll get the best, most cost-effective solution for the greatest return on investment.


Your CRM system has to adapt as you grow—and as market dynamics shift—to keep your sales process effective. It needs to control a growing database, manage new metrics, and scale up with your sales team. If the right CRM management resources are not in place, your sales process could be undermined, disrupting your business. To mitigate that risk, we give you reliable, ongoing support as well as expert system implementation. Our best practices ensure your sales operations run smoothly as you grow.

Benefit from Our Experience

The benefits of a cloud-based CRM platform—like Salesforce.com—are clear:

We can deploy your cloud-based CRM system, manage it expertly, and keep it running reliably as you grow. That includes:

And we can manage your cloud-based CRM system cost-effectively, to give you a superior return on investment. Look at us as an extension of your team—our mission is to help you get the most value from your CRM platform. By outsourcing CRM management with Conexus, you can:

Different by Design

Most providers of outsourced CRM management—particularly for Salesforce.com—focus on large companies. But our CRM support services are designed expressly for small and mid-size firms, like yours. We’re mid-sized ourselves, so we know the challenges you face and we empathize with your needs.

Even better, since we also have experience with large organizations, we know best practices in CRM management. So you get the best of both worlds from us: best-in-class corporate processes, delivered cost-effectively for smaller companies.

We also provide you with a flexible choice of turnkey and customized solutions, each supported by deep expertise and experience. And we have both local and offshore resources to support whatever technical needs and budget you might have.

That’s why Conexus is recognized as one of CIO Review’s “Most Promising” technical solution providers.

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