4 Tips for Improving Rep Productivity in Veeva CRM Systems

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Sales reps should be focused on efficiently relaying information about their drug to HCPs. However, we often find that they are focused on finding solutions for the issues they may face while using their CRM systems. We currently support over 25 customers, so we answer a number of questions from sales reps regarding their CRM system every day. We are here to provide support for any complications that reps in the field may encounter when working with their Veeva CRM system. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers, and some solutions for the issues they tend to come across. 

How do I avoid selection the wrong lot number when sampling HCPs?

Unintentionally selecting the wrong lot number on a call report when sampling HCPs is a common and easy mistake to make, but it can be easily fixed. When the field receives sample shipments with different lot numbers for the same product, all numbers received will be active in the system once that shipment is acknowledged in Veeva. Active lot numbers will appear as options on sample calls – the wrong lot number on a call can cause issues during reconciliation. 

Consider deactivating lot numbers that will not be used right away – this enables first in and first out disbursement of lot numbers that may expire first. Deactivating lot numbers should be done during your pre-call planning sessions so that the correct lot number is the only one available when sampling.

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